[ask] tuning mariadb

How to tune mysql database or tweak configuration, I have wordpress website with 12K post and every post have 7-10 image. I check with google page speed my respon time server is 25sec+ I already using lscache(advanced mode) + using cloudflare, but still slow. plese suggest me how to improve my website from server side and wordpress side.

my server is 4core 8gb ram on vultr

Gzip enable both webserver and cms? in joomla you can enable gzip compression on dashboard…I dont know if wordpress has this option… Check your site if gzip enable http://browserspy.dk/ disable cdn (cloudflare first if you hav3le) and search here the imagick tutorial to reduce the image on your site…

You can also enable Jetpack CDN for images, if you need professional support you can try Bot Verification