ARM64 slow reboot - Waiting for process: lscpd

I am having an issue with reboot time on my VPS. It relates to the lscpd process. Here are the details:

Oracle Ampere arm64
Ubunutu 22.04 on latest apt update and upgrade
Cyberpanel 2.3.5 Current Commit: e9a4cb2f56dab447487f7ebf208fdb2e357d79cc

When issueing reboot on cli the console shows:
systemd-shutdown[1]: Waiting for process: lscpd

It waits like that for 80sec and then reboots normally. Nothing mentioned in syslog that relates to this hanging

Is anyone else running on ARM who has noticed this slow shutdown issue or have any suggestions on how to fix it?

I have to reproduce this you are just running the reboot command for reboot?

Yes just run “reboot” from CLI on ssh. Then in seperate console output see lscpd process hang for approx 80sec.

Are there any other logs I can check apart from syslog? CP webui logs don’t show anything related.

In normal use, “systemctl restart lscpd” takes a second or so and completes fine.

I tried shutting down lscpd with “systemctl stop lscpd” before the reboot command but that made no difference.

In case it is relevant running latest kernel:
Oracle Ubuntu 22.04 kernel

[shoaibkk], did you get a chance to test this yourself?