Application Installer

WordPress fails to install due to directory validation issues. If there is anything in the website directory it will not install. And if there isn’t a folder named public_html/wordpress in the website root it will not install. This is a catch 22 when trying to use the Application Installer to install WordPress in the root directory or any directory for that matter.

VirtualBox, CentOS 7, CyberPanel 1.5,

Hello todd!

Thanks for mentioning, will have a look and update.


Experiencing the same issue.
Clean install of Centos7 with Cyberpanel 1.5.
Created website, clicked “install wordpress with lscache” with no subdir, just an empty field, but this gives the following error:

“Installation failed. Error message: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: ‘/home/’”

Creating directory wordpress and then clicking trying to install results in this error:

“Installation failed. Error message: Target directory should be empty before installation, otherwise data loss could occur.”

Any workaround?

Fixed this issue in new build, but it is yet to release.

Thanks for being patient.

Great to hear, any ETA? Is it possible for me to downgrade to the previous version for now? Thanks!

1-2 Weeks probably.

Unfortunately going back is not possible at this time.

Thanks, usmannasir. There’s no downside to manually installing wordpress + lscache instead of using the built-in feature, is there?

It’s all right, you can do that.