Anyone using Hetzner Block Storage Volumes with Cyberpanel

Hi Everyone,

I would like to know if anyone here is using Hetzner Block Storage Volumes with Cyberpanel, I am looking to deploy a new server with Hetzner which requires extra storage space and Hetzner if offering SSD Block storage Volumes that can be added to instance.

I just want to know if I add block storage & reboot the Cyberpanel server will it recognize the additional storage space or their are other steps involved in the process.

Hope you have a great weekend & if you know some details please share the information.

Dear @qtwrk if you have any idea please guide.



So, when creating a Volume, you choose the server to attach it to and after server reboot the new storage will be available, most likely under the /mnt/ directory in Linux.


Have you tried this way, I am still waiting for the Cyberpanel team to reply.

Hopefully @qtwrk or @CyberPanel can share the proper process.

CyberPanel is not really involved in this, it is up to you to mount block storage where ever you want.

If you mount block storage under /mnt CyberPanel does not store anything there at all.

Hi @CyberPanel

I just want to know how can increase or add the storage of my VPS having cyberpanel installed.

eg. I have a VPS with 80GB storage & I want to add 100GB more of Block Storage Volumes to increase the storage capacity once I run out of storage space.

How cyberpanel will be able to use this extra added storage for storing application media files uploaded to the website hosted on the server.

Will this work right away or do I need to follow some steps, hope you get my point.

Thanks. :smiley:

You will have to give more space to /home

I will try to follow the steps mentioned in the link, it looks like quite a task :smiley:

Hopefully it works well with Cyberpanel.