Anyone know where is website to Create FREE SSL using Generator

anyone know where is website to Create FREE SSL using Generator?
like zero SSL
but at zero ssl we only can create 1 times… cannot extend/renew

there is many tutorial about LEncrypt and how to create but CLI mode…
i hope there is exist a website like zero SSL that can create the SSL with free renewal/extend

without CLI… only just like zerossl
verifying domain then get priv cer bundled files or gotossl are good one

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only 1 times… they not allowed to extend in free

Use cloudflare origin certificate, it’s free.

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can it work for non-cloudflared DNS Domain ?

no its doesn’t work for non Cloudflare DNS

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i know that… thats why i wondering

Mostly free SSL is like a trial base you can get it for some time or for some limit so you have to upgrade.

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yeah… i just wondering… if there is a website that provide online generator key cert bundled online based from LE without request from cli manually…

only lets encrypt is provide free ssl with renewal I think

yes… i mean lets encrypt but provided by web based generator… not by cli.
every tutorial and web (i dont know if i miss one ) only give tutorial to issue from cli