antivirus / malware

Maybe some time of Antivirus / Malware option where we can enable it in the panel.


Yes, that is on the board for discussion.

Hi, any update on the Antivirus/Anti Malware options? Thanks

They now support configserver exploit scanner.

Using it myself.

Yes we need ClamAV.

Hello Mr. developer, can we receive an answer?
At least roll out a premium version with enhanced security tools :wink:

Imunify360 it’s not cost-efficient. It’s good to be as a choice, but not as only one solution.
ClamAV it’s a standard on any server, but of course, they do not promote to integrate it.
If we are with our community in mind, we offer tools well suited for their needs, not only promoted one.

I read that tutorial, very good and useful.
Regarding Imunify, you’re right, for a hosting server as a business the costs are justified.
What we’ll be a good setup? CloudLinuxOS + KernelCare + CageFS + Imunify?