Allowing User to Change Email Passwords

I just switched from cpanel to cyberpanel. It has been a great experience so far but I have now run into a roadblock. I have been able to create email accounts and even migrated some emails from the old server. However, I can’t figure out how to allow a user to change their own email password. It appears that others have had this problem before and there doesn’t seem to be any current viable solution. I can’t see how this is a viable option if a user cannot change their password. Any suggestions?

If your user has their own login to cyberpanel (with user permissions), they can change the email password by going to:

Cyberpanel → Email → Change Password

Or to Cyberpanel → Email → List Emails → Change Password

If you want users to change password while only having access to their snappymail, it’s possible and I just tested it. I will make a guide and post here after, give me some minutes.

Thank you. I don’t want users to have access to cyberpanel. Resetting from snappymail would be ideal. I appreciate your help.

I will probably make a one-command installer script at some point, but it’s 2am here so I’m going to sleep.


From list email you can change password

Totally worked like a charm. Thank you! It took me 2 tries because I didn’t check “enable PDO” but figured it out quickly.

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Hi tmoore,
thank you for taking the time to put the user guide to allow email users to change their own passwords. I tried but my url for accessing webmail is different? I did try /snappymail/?admin but got an error. My url to webmail is /rainloop/?admin and the login dialog does appear but I am not able to retrieve the admin passord? I used my cyberpanel admin password but did not work?

Any advice would be appreciated.

Welcome @CGBob Happy you are here

Upgrade your CyberPanel version