All websites going down multiple times, daily, since a recent update

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    Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

  2. Post the details of your cyberpanel version

Current Version: 2.3
Build: 5
Current Commit: 121e848a3d3d0d2dd69fd9bffdcb45d4affbf2e9

In the past month or so, all the sites on the server go down sometimes as much as every day, through to every few days. I have monitors set up for them all, including the main domain of the server.

I also get a Monit alert for the main domain.

I’ve looked at the logs, but don’t see a log for LiteSpeed. I only see the following:


I would appreciate some suggestions on where to start looking for log data that might indicate why the sites keep going down.



dear why you are still using ubuntu18?

Because I manage a lot of servers, and it’s a lot of time and energy to deploy new servers with newer OS, and migrate content, etc. Especially this VM, as it has numerous Wordpress sites deployed on it, which all need one-by-one migration if I switch to a new VM with 22.04 on it.

Are you implying Cyberpanel is no longer compatible with Ubuntu 18.04?

I should add, at this stage it looks like it’s mostly the main Cyberpanel server site that goes down on a regular basis. As opposed to the other sites that are managed through the Cyberpanel system.

can you check error.log and stderr.log from your above screen shot?