All page return 404


I’ve installed Cyberpanel on Ubuntu 18. I’m able to access to the dashboard fine. I’ve connected my domain to my IP. I get the “Proudly powered by LiteSpeed Web Server” at the bottom of my page.

But all my pages are returning 404, both PHP and HTML files.

Any idea why that might be happening? What can I troubleshoot?


Hello, if you are using Wordpress you can try to change the permalinks structure from from the one you have now to the default one.
After that, delete all the cache using the Litespeed plugin setting in Wordpress.

If you try to navigate your site should be ok. Now you can go back to changing the permalinks structure to whatever you prefer.

Hello in theory, if you just installed that you have dns, they must spread so that your website works normally in the worst case 24 hours now, if it has been a long time, carry out the advice above on wordpress

If you’re using openlitespeed and changed your permalink (changes in the .htaccess), make sure to restart litespeed before the changes can be made. All htaccess changes will be carried out at the first start load in openlitespeed.

Litespeed enterprise carry on htaccess changes without the need to restart though. That’s the huge difference.