After the backup installation, the database/database is old

Hello. After I took a full backup, I reset my website and set it up again. I did the installation from backup. He set up his website without any problems. The last FTP files came without any problems, but the Database is back to old. Last posts/subscriptions are from 19 days ago. Has anyone had this problem before, what should I do?

When I open the backup tar.gz file, there are files such as public_html, but the database file does not appear. Didn’t the full backup also backup the db file?

restored after deletion?

Yes, I deleted it first and then made a backup.

According to my observations, there is a bug in cyberpanel, maybe you can review and fix it. Even if you have a full backup and reset the vps content, cyberpanel restores the database information it wrote last. Although the site comes from Backup without any problems, the databases are working broken. It does not count the existing user settings in Backup.

Hello @Manf35

Can you raise a bug report here Sign in to GitHub · GitHub

If it serves as a hint, I don’t particularly trust backing up my database to automated backup solutions. This is reliable only for various files of the application, for database backup it is better TO ALWAYS do this separately with dump, especially if it is large database, as in my case are all above 10GB. :slight_smile:

Automated backups, even famous ones like JetBackup, are susceptible to errors especially in applications with frequent access. I particularly like to do manual because it is safer. I only keep the automatic options for a higher warranty.

Let’s say it’s something similar to our personal data, I always keep backups on external Hard HDs, but I also keep it in the cloud, this always ensures better restoration options in disasters. =)

I don’t know if this personal practice of mine makes any sense technically in fact, but believe me, this has saved me from big problems similar to yours. :slight_smile:

Especially in my case, which are frequently used applications and by demanding and attentive people who use it professionally, one of them are url shortener, biopages creator, chat bots, auto post for social networks and multichannel chat system. =)