After installation CyberPanel in Ubuntu 18.04 not have internet in machine

Hi, Friends!

After installlation CyberPanel with Openlitespeed with 1-click istallation metod my server work when i connect from other computer, SSH with putty still work, but in server machine with ubuntu 18.04 i have “?” in ethernet connection icon and when i open firefox and try to open some random site i recieved Not have internet access.

For the moment i connect with local Ip like 192.168… because i havent acces to my router settings, and i waitin my operator for Virtual Host settings.

My english is very bad, but i think is enoght. Sorry for that.

Please Help me

I didn’t get 100% but can you tell me if you set up cyberpanel on the local machine or if you set it on a remote server?

The server is work 100% perfect from outside. Sites work perfect from another devices… Server is 100% worldwide accesable.

But the machine internet is not working, i have “?” in ethernet icon on ubuntu.
When i try to install someting from terminal i cant access to internet.
When i try to open som website like from firefox - i cant.

This is problem for me beacause. now i try to install SSL certificate to site and - i cant beacouse server cant install nothing becouse they not have internet.

this happens when i install Cyberpanel with 1 click
I try 6 times with fresh installed ubuntu and this problem was not resolved.

Maybe somethings blocked internet for security reasons???