Adding more options to the Panel

How do i add a custom tab to the admin dashboard. I recently installed roundcube and I would like to use that as the default webmail for myself and my clients but I cant seem to add a new panel or custom panel to the dashboard. or how could I change the webmail access to the link that I have installed roundcube on.

Also I have been trying to add softalicious on a different one click instaler to the panel of the websites. How do I do this on my ubuntu 20 VPS. Please help I am near completion with my project and almost ready for production

If you want to add updated link on the side bar you can edit this file : cyberpanel/index.html at stable · usmannasir/cyberpanel · GitHub

The code on the server is present at /usr/local/CyberCP

For more details on setting up dev enviroment I’ve recorded this tutorial: How to Set up CyberPanel Development Environment - YouTube