Adding Google account for backups redirects to

Hi there,

I wanted to add Google Drive account (although I see numerous people reporting it doesn’t work, but figured I’d give it a shot).

The interface (“Set up account”) asks for an “Account name”. I put in a name, and hit save, and I then get redirected to Nothing is saved back on my CP system. Seems to be no way to add a Google account.

It first very briefly redirects to

But within a fraction of a second, it redirects again, and ends up at just

I was expecting to see a typical Google Auth page. Can anyone suggest why I end up on a page?



Hi @inspiredearth, did you manage to figure this out? I have the same issue. The backups stopped working all of the sudden and when trying to reconnect it redirects to the new Cyberpanel Cloud Manager.

Once there I see the option to pay to add different services. I’m guessing backup to google drive will be terminated in the next Cyberpanel update and then “we” will be asked to pay in order to use it in the future.

The lack of response to concerns and questions shows their ignorance and that we are used as beta testers for their new features.

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Same here, just reviewed my backups and now see they stopped in november. Got them message in the logs to delete the account (in Cyberpanel) and recreate and then experienced the redirection to the “Pay for Services” site. Luckily I am using a WP plugin to backup each site off site too.

Using the Chrome Edge browser’s incognito mode will solve the problem.

I tried this didn’t work neither, any solution for this issue