Adding a new ACL to Create Website

I have created a new ACL and have ticked the following options for ACL:

  • Create Website
  • Modify Website
  • Suspend Website
  • Delete Website
  • Create Database
  • Delete Database
  • List Databases
  • Delete DNS Zone
  • Delete Zone
  • Add/Delete
  • Create Email
  • List Emails
  • Delete Email
  • Email Forwarding
  • Change Email Password
  • Manage SSL
  • Hostname SSL
    What I’m hoping to achieve is that any user linked to this ACL is able to do the following:
  • Create Websites
  • Manage DSN
  • Create emails

However when the new user attached to this ACL login and select Create Website, it’s asking to Select Package, but no package appears in the list. I do not want these users to create package. What am I doing wrong please.

You need to give them ability to create packages.

Otherwise don’t let them create websites, you can create and assign them a site and they can create as many child domains.