Add ssl section in websites manager manually to solve issue with lets encrypt

If I open the cert files located in


and paste theme in

should be working or not?
becuse now it wont work and when the page reloaded

[type or paste code here](https://<my ip address>:8090/websites/

there is no text in that ssl box !

This box for external ssl like PositiveSSL and etc.

If you want to use free SSL you can give Cloudflare a try and lets the Cloudflare handle your DNS too. Cloudflare Dashboard > SSL/TLS > Origin Server > Create Certificate > Copy Cert and Key and paste it where it belongs to.

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I added last night the clouadflare but it wont worked for ssl on my domain
I dont know why

With the command

certbot certonly --standalone -d www.(yourdomain) -d (yourdomain) --debug-challenges -v --dry-run

finaly I crate manully the certificates for my domains ,
thes are based on lets encrypt
now how should I use them in my server that runing the latest version of ssl ?