Add_rewrite_rule function (wordpress) doesn't work

I can’t overwrite the rules in WP through add_rewrite_rule function , I suspect this is related to the server settings.

I can’t rewrite the rules, I suspect that this is due to the server setting, because when I even manually tried to rewrite the link with the get parameter, it didn’t affect anything.
For the test, I decided to try creating a rule directly in the htacess file

RewriteRule ^user([0-9]+)$ /index.php?id=$1 [L]


Expect to receive

But nothing happens

You have to restart openlitespeed after modifying .htaccess.
Try that if you did not already do it.

Hi, I have the follwing setup… Contabo VPS with Ubuntu 20.04 (64 Bit) and CyberPanel (version 2.3 build 4)

How can I do domain redirect? In the past, on NameCheap i would just go to domain manager area and use the “domain redirect” section to add where i wanted to forward/redirect.

I would like to use domain#1 for email marketing but if someone puts that domin#1 in a web browser i would like them to get redirected to my main sales page that is on a different domain#2.

Ie., emailsaleswidgets .net i will use for cold email outreach only so if someone puts emailsaleswidgets .net into their browser i want them to be redirected to my main sales page www. saleswidgets .com

How can i get this done in CyberPanel? or what other easy options are there?

Im sure this is easy for many of you, but I am very new at all this, so I do appreciate any help or direction with this.

Thank you in advance everyone!

P.S., I seperated the .(dot)com and the .(dot)net here in this post because I am new i am not allowed to post more than 2 websites.

This is how how my URL looks like if you need this info just incase. I can also access with my Contablo VPS IP address :8090