Add deployment scripts after Git pull

Good morning

I’m using RunCloud and would like to migrate my sites to CyberPanel, but there is one feature that is not on CyberPanel.

My sites are linked to Git repositories and, after each commit, I need to run scripts to recompile the css/js assets and perform other operations. It seems that this, from CyberPanel, is currently not possible.

Do you plan to introduce this feature?

I think I can add this feature in v1.9.4 or maybe v1.9.5.

However, do you only want to run a single command after each commit or multiple commands?

This is a real example:

git merge
composer install --prefer-dist -n -o
yarn install --no-progress --silent --non-interactive
npm run prod --silent
php artisan migrate --force

curl -X DELETE “” \
-H “X-Auth-Email:” \
-H “X-Auth-Key: XXX” \
-H “Content-Type: application/json” \
–data ‘{“purge_everything”:true}’

Any news here? Thank you