Acessing Cyberpanel with Cloudflare

Hi, I already apologize for my ignorance and lack of knowledge. I looked through the already present posts/resources and sort of figured things out but I still have a few doubts.

What I did:

  1. Change my Cyberpanel port from 8090 to 8443.
  2. Issue hostname SSL again after changing ports.
  3. Change my user account security level to low.

Now, I am able to access Cyberpanel at, but I’m not able to access CP at

First question: Any way to make CP accessible via HTTP as well?
Second question: Is changing port and changing my user account security level to low hurting my website’s security? Can I take any steps to make up for it?
Third question: Is there anything else that I should do?

I’ll very much appreciate your answers. Thank you.

try this

login to admin cyberpanel using ip
change the port first
then re log with new port

recreate hostname ssl

  1. When you issue hostname SSL that will work on HTTPS.
  2. Yes that is good and ok. change ssh port also. disable password auth