Accidently gave root:root ownership of entire /usr/loca/CyberCP folder

DKIM generation was giving me an error. And to fix the issue, I accidentally gave root:root owner permission to the /usr/local/CyberCP folder. Now my webmail is not working (and I don’t know what mess I’ve already made). Can someone please tell me the default folder and file permissions of this folder?

Thanks in advance.


Not 100% sure but run cyberpanel update that might fix permissions.

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Wrong move just give the user and group cyberpanel back its ownership

$ chown -R cyberpanel:cyberpanel /usr/local/CyberCP

Which error are you getting ? Post it here

I fixed it by installing another server in VM and copying the file and folder permission structure, and using it.

Issue resolved. Somehow dkim generated folder got permission root:root and I replaced that with cyberpanel:cyberpanel. Thanks for your concern.

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