Access logs

Hello, could someone tell me what is this access log here?

It seems that it has cached logs that are not from my site, which is strange because the domain does not have a website configured and does not have access. So how come there are access logs and still point to the urls and IP?

There’s something wrong with this.

access logs will show you the location and oath where what is getting through browser.

But it is exactly where is the error, this my domain does not have a site configured and was not disclosed on the internet, ie should not be having access.

I thought it was weird, I thought it was some cache but this is updated all the time. The common url requests all right, it may be some backlink from other online sites, but if you see in the logs, there are attempts to access settings paths in the domain. As if they were attempts at accesses, but I do not even use WordPress.

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