Access all Cyberpanel Website Databases using Sequel Pro

Hey all,

So I’m been looking into configuring and accessing my databases using Sequel Pro, but I can’t find documentation anywhere on where to find all the details for a successful login.

The login looks like this:

Now I tried matching various hosts, I also tried multiple passwords and random ports I found in Cyberpanel docs and no luck, does anyone know where I can find all the information or lead me in the right direction for each item?

Shows that port 3306 is open on, Sequel Pro won’t let me use ‘localhost’ on the standard tab.
Screen Shot 2021-12-13 at 7.17.41 PM

Much appreciated!

I am sorry but I heard Sequel Pro for the first time and when checked, its only for MacOS. Unfortunately I am not using MacOS and couldn’t check it myself to reproduce this.

Have you tried connecting via SSH option as I see such option in your screenshot provided.

I have not tried, what would the SSH Host be? I can use PuTTy also, but just don’t know where to find all the configurations.