Acces to phpmyadmin via link don't work?

Hi, on Cyberpanel 2.0.3 i can’t acces to PhpMyAdmin via link exaplme: [IP]:8090/phpmyadmin

on CP 2.0.2 - no problem.

what is going on? I wanted someone to share the entrance to phpmyadmin without giving data to the entire cyberpanel. I only have a blank, white page at this address.

I checked it on different browsers and different VPS servers.
I use Centos8

have you found the solution could you share it with me

Direct access via link is restricted and not available for security reasons. If you need users to access phpmyadmin, then create new user account inside cyberpanel. Using the new user login credentials, the user can login to cyberpanel and access phpmyadmin (it will display database of sites which are created under that user)