About Bare Metal, KVM, LXC

Hi, I’ve been using CyberPanel with my Proxmox KVM for a while, I’ve found there are some performance issues when using KVM (usually high ram usage when the device is idle.)

I’ve tried to install it on LXC, although I know that CyberPanel doesn’t officially supports LXC, but I can successfully run the script with LXC-CentOS7 and delete the LXC check in the install script. (But the script failed on Ubuntu 20) I can see usmannasir replied to a post about PureFTPD will not work as expected, but is any other thing else working smoothly without any problems?

Also, is CyberPanel stable enough to deploy directly on bare metal or it is more secure to deploy on KVM with backup?

No CyberPanel will not eat your ram when its idle. Please provide some insights using top or htop command.

There can be million possibilities of high ram usage on your server.

However, It is fine to use CyberPanel on bare metal and it is always good to have your backups no matter what control panel you use incase of emergency, just like OVH DC fire.

But is there any problem founded while using cyberpanel with LXC which makes cyberpanel doesn’t officially support LXC?