Aborted, Failed to run cp command during backup generation

Hello, I get the error " Aborted, Failed to run cp command during backup generation…[365] [5009]" while making a backup. As mentioned in other topics, I tried to fix the problem by fixing the permission, but this does not work for me. Please guide me.

anyone? nothing?

do you updated the panel?

yes, i check version management

I roll back to version 2.3.3 and now my backup works. What could be the problem in the new cyberpanel that makes the backup not work and give the above error?

Can you give me output of ls -la /home/domain.com replace domain with domain you are taking backup of?

I’ve pushed a fix, upgrade CyberPanel and try again.

As you said, I updated to latest version again and now the backup worked without any problem, thanks to you and Cyberpanel team

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