Abort request processing

2022-10-30 06:39:52.926643 [NOTICE] [122850] [T0] sendKillCmdToWatchdog: ‘extappkill:212149:-3:0’.
2022-10-30 06:39:53.100168 [INFO] [122847] [T0] [CLEANUP] Process 212149 wont stop after SIGTERM, send SIGKILL.
2022-10-30 06:39:56.936707 [INFO] [122850] [T0] [] Abort request processing by PID:212227, kill: 0, begin time: 2, sent time: 2, req processed: 1

Why getting this error?

Welcome @infolloyd Happy you are here

First ignore the first line: sendKillCmdToWatchdog: ‘extappkill:212149:-3:0’. its just a warning that OLS states can be ignored.

List all running processes ps aux and look up Process 212149 see its watchdog so there is no issue here