Ability to "include" configuration file applied to all sites on server

On our servers, we host a large number of Wordpress sites. For security reasons, I like to block access to the xmlrpc.php file. I do this by adding something like this to the .htaccess file for a site:

RewriteRule ^xmlrpc\.php - [F,L,NC]

While this functions, it is very inconvenient for an administrator for 2 reasons:

  1. It must be added to each site’s .htaccess file independently
  2. There is a risk that my customer will edit the htaccess file and remove or modify the rule I have added

What I am really seeking is a way to “include” a configuration file into httpd_config.conf. The included file would contain this rewrite rule as well as others I want applied to all sites on our servers such as the 7G Firewall rules.

If I can include a file at the server-level then I solve both the issues I have today:

  1. I do not have to edit every site’s htaccess independently
  2. It cannot be removed or edited by a user

cPanel already has the ability to include a server-wide conf file. I think it would be great if cyberpanel had this ability too.

I discussed this with the technicians at LiteSpeed. They say that this is not possible with OLS. However, it is possible with cPanel.

The solution is implemented in cPanel, not OLS or LSE itself. cPanel has build a mechanism for “includes” of a conf file that is applied to all sites server-wide. They say that any solution will be added by Cyberpanel, not inside OLS or LSE.