7 - Cron Jobs

Starting version 1.6.0, CyberPanel now has cron jobs.

Create Cron Job

To create Cron Job navigate to Main > Websites > List Websites > Launch.

After you have launched panel for a website, you can click Cron Jobs under Domains.

This will open Cron Management, from Drop Down select domain and click the Plus sign.

I configured it but it is not working. Accessing the server as root and running the command below I get a “Permission Denied” error.

su website_user php /home/website_here/public_html/core/artisan schedule:run

And using the command to list cronjobs also does not appear the command that was configured in CyberPanel.

  1. Why is the user created by CyberPanel not allowed to create Cron Jobs by default? Could it be a bug?
  2. How do I fix this problem?

Hi Usman,

Can you please tell me what’s the right path for cron jobs because I am unable to set these up since last month.

I’ve tried everything but didn’t succeed. I’m new to this that’s why I’m having trouble setting this up.

And in Mautic documentation it is mentioned that " Mautic 3 introduced a new path for cron jobs bin/console - if you are using the legacy Mautic 2.x series you should replace this with the older version, app/console ". So can you tell which version of Mautic is being used in Cyberpanel?

Thanks in Advance!

Dear Sir Hi
Cron Jobs add main domin but not showing in subdomin icon Croin job ?

thank as per same pic setting done thank you so much

but not showing in subdomin icon Croin job ? how can add sub domin ?