500 Internal Server Error (webmail & mailscan & phpmyadmin)

I have successfully installed CyberPanel on my OVH (Ubuntu 22.04) server and activated my WordPress website. However, I cannot access the points I mentioned in the title through the panel. I have no problem with SSL and DNS point. Is there anyone who can provide support on the subject?

In addition, how will we restrict the IP to the panel and other important regions? I only want the panel and ports to be accessed with the 2 IPs I have specified.

Same error here in my new OVH VPS with Ubuntu 20.04

Did you use OVH cyberpanel install or official one?
First try run upgrade to see if it helps.

We use the official installer. Although we have switched the operating system to AlmaLinux 8, the problem persists. Is this panel always this problematic?

Have you try run upgrade script? In my use panel have has been most of times quite ok, but definitely have some bugs time to timeā€¦