500 Internal server error on a clean install, no site, default settings

Hi. Clean OS install with Cent OS and Cyberpanel but getting 500 errors.

I’m relatively new to working in a Linux environment, but I’m trying my best to solve all the issues I’ve been having. My VPS provider have informed me that it is an issue with Cyberpanel and refuse to offer any support.

Is there anything I can do to locate where this error is coming from and how to fix it?

Many thanks

Try install on Ubuntu 20.04 that seems to have less bugs than Cent OS

After days of trying to solve this and a few more SSL related issues on fresh installs of Cyberpanel with CENT OS7, I just swapped to CWP7 and now everything runs smoothly. Hate to say it, but my hosting service were right, the issue seems to have been with Cyberpanel and its default config.