404 on child domain

Please Help… I am not an expert in running servers I come from a shared hosting with cpanel… I have just installed Cyberpanel sucessfully on Vultr ubuntu server… I think I have the latest cyberpanel and latest OL… I have added a domain successfully with wordpress php 7.4 install… I need to add 3 subdomains and install wordpress on each one… the first child domain I have added gets me 404 error, sadly this is the one I need the most, I have been trying deleting this child domain and adding it again and it always give me 404 error… The other child domains I have added are working fine and runing wordpress… but the first is not working… Please help me

If you are using OpenLiteSpeed then please restart your server once, and also click Fix Permissions from file manager.

If you still can not solve your issues you can go to bottom of our site and get a managed service from one of our partners.

Thanks for the answer, I have already done that… I will try to get service from your partners…

Hi there - did you solve the issue?

Please run
systemctl restart lsws
if not ok… then show me .htaccess file content.