404 Not found , Website went 404 suddenly

One of my website in cyber panel started to show 404 page although files and configs are present as it is. This is a wp website. I tried different things like restarting litespeed several times restarting the server couple times. Changed/deleted rewrite rules but nothing worked still it pops up the 404 page. I found that an index.html was created in file manager for 404 page then deleted it as well but still the issue is same. What went wrong on this. Other websites are working fine this website was alive for around a week and suddenly this happened

same problem , do you found any solution ?

@bizp did you get a resolution to this? If not, do you have a known good working backup of the site you can revert to? Perhaps check to make sure there was not an exploit in WP that allowed this, as to me the index.html file being created (I am assuming you mean in the web root folder) would indicate that something had gone bad and maybe also check file and folder dates (assuming they have not been “touched”, I use that as a term not an action). I would suggest the same for @anisur and maybe provide a history in a separate thread as the same symptom may not mean the same cause.

Did you find my hint from april about issues with 40x errors?

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