404 not found on root but direct .html path works fine

I am moving from OLS to CyberPanel and also moving from server 1 (OLS) to server 2 (CyberPanel).

In CyberPanel, I created a new website i.e. added the domain and later found out the php ini is very bad. I then modified php config from root admin account but it didn’t reflect. I tried setting overrides in vHostConf but it didn’t work out. Next I deleted the website, and created it again, this time php limits were fixed. I installed wordpress and migrated the code.

I made the change to A record to point to new IP. Website loads with 404 page, on opening admin panel I am able to login and navigate in the admin panel without any issue, the only issue is navigations to website is leading to 404 error.

I suspect .htaccess not working as expected. I attempted to switch to apache as proxy and it exposed the php files.

Refer to screen shot - Screenshot-2023-07-22-at-3-07-35-PM hosted at ImgBB — ImgBB

Fix Permissions doesn’t work well. This is the empty message I get when I do Fix Permission from actual user this website is assigned to. From admin/root account it works fine.

Screenshot 2023-07-22 at 3.19.41 PM

Had to reinstall cyberpanel and issue was fixed, scary experience!

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