404 Not Found On A Domain With Just Index.HTML & Zip File

A client domain which was working initially with just a index.html on it, My client needed the email services to be up and running first before the main site so i created a subdomain like webmail.clientsite.com and pointed it to my parent/server subdomain webmail.mycompanysite.com with roundcube installed in it so now he’s able to use send and receive emails.

I don’t know what i touched when doing the redirection but if i access the clientsite.com it doesn’t work, It gives 404 not found, I’ve read and followed most of the 404 solutions here but it still won’t work. Below is my CyberPanel version:

Current Version :
Build :
Current Commit :
Latest Version :
Latest Build :
Latest Commit :

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Paste here your cyberpanel version and more detail
perhaps it will help community to help you

Done mate thanks… :blush:

i will start with the title

404 Not Found On A Domain With Just Index.HTML & Zip File

have you try create anyfile.html and call it from the browser directly ?

Yes I have, I’ve created a index.html in the root folder i try to access it like clientsite.com/index.html it gives me 403 error, I also uploaded a PHP file meant to run and restore the contents in the zip file; that too is not accessible

Forgive me guys I forgot to add that both mycompanysite.com and clientsite.com are also hooked to cloudflare DNS and below are my DNS settings.
First image is mycompanysite.com domain A records details at name.com (domain registrar), The is my vps IP with CyberPanel

Below is mycompanysite nameserver details

Below is the CloudFlare DNS details for mycompanysite.com

Below is nameserver details of my client domain (clientsite.com) also on name.com

and the last one CloudFlare DNS details for clientsite.com

Can the DNS settings above contribute to the 404 Error i get on the clientsite.com meanwhiles the mycompany.com opens with no problem

192.168.xxx.xxx ???

The here assume to be the IP of my VPS, I’ve sent you the main IP via PM

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Check your DNS Zone … does the clientsite already added ?

please mark this topic as solved if you already solved the problem

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