404 Not Found for a new website account

I have created a website account in cpanel and upload wordpress code on this account but my website is not accessible it says 404 Not Found. I have many other wordpress websites on this cyberpanel and those are working fine. I even tried to remove all code and placed a simple html page to access it but still it says 404 Not Found. I have tried to modify htaccess file but still its not working. please help me to fix this issue.
Thank you!

Hello @mrnadeemmunir

Have you tried to go to file manager and fix website permissions ?

Yes, I have tried to fix website permissions from file manager but it did not work

Try to run this command in your ssh terminal

sudo chmod 755 /home/wpsite.com/public_html

I have manually set the permissions 755 for public_html folder in cyberpanel.
let me run this command as well in ssh