404 error (suspended website) every 48hs

Hello everyone,

Im experiencing something VERY weird situation that maybe some of you can point me in the right direction.

Every 2 days the whole “website” is having a 404. Of course on a website that receives 10k per day we panic, enter via SHH (Google Cloud) run sudo reboot and everything runs back again.

Can anyone imagine what this can be?

I checked the error logs and at the time the server decide to “suspend” the website is blank.

Awaiting your ideas,

I also dealing with that problem

Ok. I happened again. This time we dont panic and goes to “Suspend/Unsuspend” and it works! WTF! Its like the webstie hits a limit it do not have and suspend itself.

How this can happen? How to fix this? Please help!

Guys. Its happens more and more often. Any news?

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I also dealing with that problem

Hey guys! We discovered with the support ticket this is a conflict with the Mod Security Rules Pack. Just disable the 2 rules waiting for a future fix.

I always recommend the facebook group and the ticket system. They give me the solution in less than 12hs!

Too many modsec rules cause it to suspend, please turn them off and try again