404 Error on website (git)

  1. I couldn’t find my server version. (it isn’t setup by me)
  2. Current Version:
    Current Commit:
    Latest Version:
    Latest Build:
    Latest Commit:
    (I have this red note as well. Note: Latest commit does not match, please upgrade CyberPanel.)

I have a huge problem. For some reason I was trying to connect already existed website to empty repository to have ability to change on git and apply to live. It failed and now I am getting 404 error on all pages. Laravel logs is useless, nothings there, so I removed whole website, used index.php and still 404 error, so its server issue which I am not familiar.

Last 5 I don’t understand, above that is maybe github connection I talked about? Please help or provide knowledge with this problem, so I can debug.
Thank you.

See image for server log data. (I couldn’t copy because links are restricted)

Hello @LashaK

Post your rewrite rules (.htaccess) here. See how here 6 - Rewrite Rules

For Laravel to work on cyberpanel always use these rules

RewriteEngine On

RewriteRule . /index.php [L]
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f

RewriteRules are in place, when I removed website completely with every file including .htaccess, 404 still there

Check if you do not have remnants of git under documentroot.

If you can delete the website and create it again

Step by step I would still like to understand how you got to this point. You are not clear about what you did from start to finish

I have my folder 100% empty don’t see any .git folder, is there possibility that its hidden? because I zipped whole website and moved to other hosting and I see .git folder there, but not here

Yea it a bit weird situation, ftp wasn’t working, changing files from file manager is a nightmare, so I decided to use git and connect there. I wasn’t successful but I messed up website somehow.

Did you consult your server provider from a previous topic you opened as to which server os you are using ?

No, because client already had decided to use other hosting providers and email smtp bug related to my last topic would be resolved with that. Plus I have no idea where to find server provider, my cyberpanel support redirects me here so I created topic. As I mentioned I am new. This topic is created because my mistake and I think solving could be simple like finding and deleting .git folder for example. Because I see it on other hosting but not here? my guess its hidden, but cant seem to find a way to show hidden files.

If you do not have access to ssh and have no way of getting credentials for this then I would recommend you get Root File Manager Addon - https://cyberpanel.net/cyberpanel-addons/ With this you can add and delete files as root or sudo user

I made website work on other hosting, and services you provided costs more money, which is decision I can’t make right now. Anyway thanks for your time Joseph if you cant help me any other way