404 error after deleting Domain name

hello support
last night . i have delete a domain name with xxxx.co
but the the problem when i try to expolorer another domain yyy.com
is not working and errot 404 appear

i dont knew the relation between 2 domain name and how i can reselve this problem


Not Found

The resource requested could not be found on this server!

Try restarting your server once. Maybe openlitespeed is stopped on your server for some reason.

I have the same problem when i create a new domain or noew alias of one multisite site.

For new host file, for the changes to take effect you need to restart the server.

Please show directory content

Is it okay to restart it from the cyberpanel panel too?
Server Status / Litespeed / Reboot*

Which directory of the site created?

The problem is that if I create the site example.com other sites end up in error 404 and also the aliases of a multisite the same

Yes. Its the same.

I reboot it but the site continue to give 404 error

Are there files available in the sites you trying to visit?

You can send me temporary login details to check the same if you wish so that I could guide you to identify the issue and fix it. Make sure to backup the server before handing over the login details for extra safety.