404 error after creating subdomain website

Hello, I’m trying to add a subdomain in CyberPanel. The domain is website-com and the subdomain is blog.website-com

I already have website.com set up correctly. Under the Manage Page, I go to the Domain section, then Add domain. So I fill the form:

Select website: website-com
Domain name: blog.website-com
Path: /home/website.com/blog

Then, under the same Manage Page, I install Wordpress + LS cache plugin. I made sure to write “blog” in the path.

After the installation, if I try to visit blog.website.com page I still get the 404 page.

However, wordpress is installed correctly. In Cloudflare I checked that blog.website-com points correctly to the server IP.

I’m not sure what I’m missing. Thanks a lot

Hello @ilpaulm21

Did you check your .htaccess. You can try to use the default wordpress .htaccess by using the CyberPanel Rewrite rules configuration under your website manager

You may also need to disable plugins or thrid party themes to see if issue goes away.

Hi Joseph. So basically the procedure I did is right then? I followed up with what you suggested. However a clean htaccess didn’t fix unfortunately. Also this is a brand new wp installation so there are no plugin installed rather then Akismet and Litespeed.
Thank you very much

Change your permalinks in wordpress settings