4 - Email Limits

Email Limits

Email Limits can help you fight Email Spam on your server. There are two kinds of limitations:

  1. Domain Limits.

  2. Email Level Limits.

Domain Limits

If a domain has a limit of 20,000 emails/month, then Email Limits cannot exceed this limit. For example with Domain Limit of 20,000 emails, you can have 20 email accounts with 1,000 emails for each account.

Enable Email Policy Server

CyberPanel have its own Email Policy Server that listens on port 1089, to enable Email Policy Server go to:

https://<IP Address>:8090/emailPremium/emailPolicyServer

Once enabled, you can then use Email Limits feature of CyberPanel.

Apply Limits!

You can apply Limits at Domain and Email Level, if Domain Level limitation is turned off, an email will continue to send.

Go to:

https://<IP Address>:8090/emailPremium/listDomains

Here you will see domains, for which at least one Email Account already exists.

You can see that this domain have a global limit of 10000 emails/month. But you can continue to send emails above this limit, as limits are currently not being applied.

You need to click Enable before these limits are applied, you can also turn of Limits at Email Level. Click Manage to edit domain and email level limits for this domain.

Monthly Domain Limit

After you click Manage from the last step, you land on this page, here you can edit monthly limit for a domain.

Email Limits

Scroll down on the same page to see email accounts for the selected domain.

Upon clicking Manage it will open control to edit limits for the selected email account.

Similarly, you enable email limits by clicking Edit, you can also enable email logs, which is not recommended because email logs are not cached in memory they are directly written to the database. However, email limits are cached in memory and flushed to the database when policy server restarts.

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Hi. Emails is not counting in limmits. Is there something else i might be missing?
Also appear to be a bug if you want to manage any email with a full stop in it. As an example if you have an email test.test@cyberpanel.com if you hit manage button in email limit, you will receive a Server Error (500) Function perfect with an other email.

This feature of CyberPanel is not fully stable. I would recommend to avoid using in production.

No problem. Thanks for response.

Hello @usmannasir please any update with the Email Limits i also get Server Error (500) same as @Egate

Hi @usmannasir is this feature stable now?

It doesn’t work on my installation, has anyone been able to use this functionality correctly?

It doesn’t work on my installation, has anyone been able to use this functionality correctly?