4 Cpu -> 3 cpu sleep


Although the CPU usage is 100%, 3 CPUs are asleep and 1 CPU is active as in the image below.

What is the solution ?

You forget image…

sorry, add image.

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It is because your system is idle. Try add afew websites esp. PHP CMS websites like Joomla!, WordPress etc and you will see load will change.

Thanks for the response. There was a very sudden increase in traffic on my site last night, the CPU was full due to the campaign, the site could not be opened.

Which CMS are you running? or what technologies are you using? Do you any error when you visit that website? Post a screenshot

Post contents of https://SERVER_URL:8090/serverlogs/errorLogs

SSH to server and use top command to see what uses cpu. Quite often this issue seems to be server being infected with xmrig.

In the log, the log about the site where I am experiencing freezing does not appear. There is a situation like this, when the CPU rate decreased, the site returned to its normal speed.

There is no CPU usage in normal time, when I make a discount, the traffic increase is sudden.

Open your ssh terminal and run the command:


If you don’t have it install it

apt install -y htop || yum install -y htop || dnf install -y htop

Wait it to run for 1 minute and take a screenshot. Post it here

I didn’t get it because the information below contains details.

Post the screenshot of your whole terminal with the list of the technologies running

htop results?

updated, thank you.

hello, can you see the screenshot

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What is filtering your incoming mails ? Do you have a mail AV or soething ?

I don’t understand

topic current.

I thought you had high load thats why I was pointing out the first process in your screenshot.

This issue is not related to cyberpanel therefore see this operating systems - How does a computer sleep/wait without using all of its processing power? - Super User