3 - open_basedir Protection

In simple words, open_basedir protection forbids your PHP scripts to access file system beyond the specified path i.e.

open_basedir "/home/domain.com/"

If this path is specified for open_basdir, your PHP code cannot access file system beyond /home/domain.com/

Which basically helps in case a single site on the server is hacked.

How to enable open_basedir Protection

For open_basedir you need CyberPanel version 1.6.4 stable and OpenLiteSpeed version 1.4.32 stable.

While creating a site you can opt to enable open_basedir protection, if not opted this is disabled by default.

Enable/Disable open_basedir Protection

In case you forgot to enable open_basedir protection while creating a site you can do so later as well.

Open website launcher:

Once launcher is opened, scroll down to find open_basedir under Files.

From a drop-down, you can either select Enable or Disable and apply changes. Similarly, you can also control open_basedir for Child Domains through child domain launcher.

Edit open_basedir paths

To edit the paths, modify the phpIniOverride section in the website’s vHost Conf.

You cannot add multple open_basedir overrides, so to edit the paths that are accessible, simply add a : after each path.


Thanks for sharing knowledge !

I have one question :
Is it possible to manage a log file even with “open_basedir” ? Is it possible to write log data in a file beyond the limit of “open_basedir” ?

Thanks a lot !