3 - Adding SMTP Hosts

Sending email requires a mail server, CyberPanel allows you to either use a local mail server or a remote SMTP host. In this example I am going to demonstrate how you can configure MailGun to send emails through CyberPanel.


Make sure to have your SMTP login details from MailGun, if you already have an account with them you can obtain those details from this link Login | Mailgun

You will require

  • Hostname.
  • SMTP Login Username.
  • SMTP Login Password.
  • Port (MailGun use 587)

Step 1: Open Website Launcher

Main > Websites > List Websites » Launch

Once launched, scroll down to Email Marketing

Step 2: Create SMTP Host

Fill in all the details, i.e

Once a new host is created, you can either Delete or verify Login information on the same page. This host can now be used to send emails to your lists.

i use Mailjet SMTP, all setting was correct, but still cant send email