2nd Month review Of Cyberhosting

I moved away from my old host reliablesite which i used for almost a year due to one of my business not doing so well so i was looking for a vps/cloud provider to save costs, i saw an advertisement about cyberpanel on WHT and browsed through the website thinking about finding a managed vps box with cyberpanel. Then i saw the link to cyberhosting and asked their support staff about options for my business, out of the many managed providers out there that i was impressed by their replies through live chat & email, they were answered quickly and addressed my concerns.

They even did a custom migration at no extra cost since i was using a custom panel, most other providers wont do the transfer unless it was a cpanel server. Granted that it was just 3 sites with less than 30gb of files & database total, it was certainly very impressive. Although i knew how to set up 3rd party software such as redis and elasticsearch, they did install it for me even with how cheap their managed offerings are, i feel bad for testing them about it & i will forever be grateful for this, and its how i know i can trust them with my business and community.

With their low pricing for their superb level of support, even though my vps is a managed server, i do not open tickets about my sites as i can manage/fix it myself & i feel like i have already used up a year of support with the custom migration, only tickets about cyberpanel itself are opened by me & informing them about bugs on the panel so they can fix it, the owner is a very friendly guy. I already prepaid for half a year instead of paying monthly like i do for other providers.

I just wish they would provide daily backups like other managed service out there. I will definitely stay on with them for years to come. I hope this can help other users of this forum on my experience with cyberhosting.


With cPanel price hike, many are making jumps to other control panels.
CyberPanel is definitely worth. Being from python background, I would give CyberPanel a thumbs up. A little biased here!
After recent software auditing from Rack911, I am sure basic security issues have been taken care of.

I am looking to forward to evaluate cyber panel security in deep too. Just too many things at my end here.

Anyway, for website backup and security, try out BountySite.

Hi @Numeriku

I see cyberhosting is offering Hetzner cloud servers with their service, how is the performance & is this site wordpress based or a custom web app as you mentioned using redis & elasticsearch with your app.

Which plan did you choose.


@bountysite Thanks for the offer, i already have a backup solution using the built in cyberpanel remote backup, also setup borg for further twice daily backups on my company’s storage box.

@cloudrider I am hosting with them on hetzner yes, performance wise is really great, i am hosting both a forum community and a news blog on the same vps, both utilizing redis, elasticsearch ( might move this off to another vps in the future) + lscache with litespeed enterprise 5.4.1, my users are mainly from europe but if you prefer worldwide options, i would recommend going for DO locations. I am also using cdn from bunnycdn to further bring down page load to under 1 second for most users in europe.

@Numeriku Thank you for details.

I would also like to add/share some points. At this point where my company not doing well and cPanel price hike, I found CP as the best solution that fits in my pocket ( everyone’s ) and managing/helping me to come back again.

I am using LSWS + CL with CyberPanel and it works out of the box. Running more than hundreds of websites, even more, faster, secure than my previous setup.

I just wanted to say thank you to @usmannasir for guiding and adding confidence to use it. CyberPanel is for all who looking for a smooth and stable solution. I observed many changes in the last 30 days related to features and bugs and also 100% confidence that the team will fix more if any pending.

All the best for supporting and helping a small player like me.

@cloudrider we use Hetzner VPS for hosting a lot of different things, not just on litespeed/cyberpanel.

Prices are amazing value, server speeds are really good, uptime is fantastic. Support is not the fastest or greatest if that is important to you but performance wise you can’t go wrong.


I too use Hetzner from past 2 years since their cloud service launched, but noticed a less network speed compared to other providers like Digitalocean, Vultr etc.

But their pricing is great for the resources they offer only found another European provider Virtual Private Servers | Quality VPS at Incredible Price | Contabo beating their prices but never tested their services. As I find contabo pricing to good to be true. :smiley:

What server config you recommend if I install Elasticsearch + Cyberpanel on the same instance or should be installed on separate server. I would like to integrate it to WordPress for faster search results.

@cloudrider Main thing about elasticsearch its easy to add nodes to expand it in the future, i would recommend installing it on a separate box from your web server so its easier to Horizontally scale your web setup. EG mysql box, redis box, elasticsearch box, litespeed box so you wont have a headache once your site grows big enough for load balancing. Elasticsearch takes lots of ram the more content that you have, so i would recommend a 4gb ram box to last you for awhile when starting out and upgrade as needed until you have to add more nodes.


Thanks for sharing your experience.

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How much resources does your current backup take? BountySite backups are very lightweight and have no impact on hosting server.
How easy it is restore you website currently? How much effort and time is needed?
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