2FA - Two Factor Authentication

Add 2FA to the login for Control Panel.

Just as an additional Security feature.
Should be relatively easy to implement with Google authenticator. :smile:

I will give this a look.

Agree. I will increase the security.

I know this thread is pretty ancient by now, but 2FA would be really nice to have.

I already use it everywhere else.


Hi there, 2fa is a feature I would highly recommend as well for the control panel login. In my opinion it’s no use setting up very secure ssh keys within cyberpanel if cyberpanel itself is not secured to the max.

I really hope you can add this feature in the near future so I can secure my servers. Do you have an time estimate when this will be implemented?

Duo, Yubikey, and Google OTP capable would be nice so can use Authy or Google OTP apps



Please implement this to protect the Control Panel.


Anything on this yet guys. It’s kind of silly to set up so much security on both the server level and the WP level just to have the panel itself so exposed.

I’m new to coding but I’m aggressive too :slight_smile: Can you give me a quick hint on what language I’ll need to know and how to get started? Happy to give it a shot :smile:


Ok cool. I’m learning Python and can dabble in HTML, CSS (not so much javascript). Never heard of Django. But will give it a shot :slight_smile: