2.3.2 new feature


dear dev … what i can tell… this is very nice feature and we really need this youtube link more than bug-less panel…

what i can tell :frowning:

Also wordpress deploy/manage etc still don’t plug and play, they redirect to you looking for a plugin or something? We can see here that this girl on the video is using Wordpress left panel How to easily Troubleshoot and Repair WordPress Database - YouTube but i cannot find it anywhere in the list

cyberpanel not have manage wordpress
only installation wizard AFAIK Cmiiw

Yet I can see a whole tab in cyber Panel about WordPress ! Also see the attached video in my previous post!

The problem is when i press create a new wordpress site it keeps redirecting me here: CyberPanel Addons - CyberPanel

I just saw it its a beta and paid feature! :grinning:
Its getting cyberplesk! :smile: :smile:

i see it now…


i think usman trying to put “call” section inside the cyberpanel :smiley: from cloud.cyberpanel