100% CPU usage by 3 processes

I am not an expert at all with VPS. My CPU is at 100% and I can see that 3 processes are running to make it so. Problem is that I have no idea how to identify what these processes are and which of my two installed websites they are coming from (if they are). All it says is python, thats they only clue I have.
screen shot of process log: Screenshot-2022-02-24-at-0-30-54 — ImgBB

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i dont have problem with that
i use 2core and 2GB ram…

try install htop
you will see the tree and check it out

btw what plugin/addon running on your ols/cyberpanel ?
the website that you run

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isntall HTop or Atop or any of those to see more details

then you can see what python process is using that mutch cpu and then you can debug
you need to figure out where it is called from , just on name you wont see a thing

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how do I install HTop? I couldn’t find anything on a quick google search. Can it only be done via CLI?
I think this issue was to do with the incremental backups I started on a weekly basis. Even though it was just once a week these 3 process stayed at 100% permanently.
I took a risk and just killed them in the end. Seems to have worked with out doing any damage from what I can tell.
Getting HTop installed would definitely be useful for future issues.

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you can just use

apt install htop


yum install htop

one of those should work

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great thank you.
Then to run it do I just do


in the terminal?
will it also show the process name in the GUI process area that cyberpanel has?

In my case i could not even install htop to track the process i got to find out, there’s this apt process that got stucked and it’s hitting up my cpu usage.

The process here help me sort out the issue.