1 - Firewall

CyberPanel follows deny all rules except for the ports opened by default, you can see default opened ports at: Server > Security > Firewall

Available Functions

  • Stop Firewall.

  • Start Firewall.

  • Reload.

  • Add/Delete Rules.

Add Firewall Rule

As I’ve mentioned above, CyberPanel follows deny all rules, so if you want to allow any port you can add from Server > Security > Firewall.

  1. Give this rule a name.

  2. Select protocol from dropdown either tcp or udp.

  3. Enter which port to open for specified protocol.

  4. Click ‘ADD’.

This will add rule and reload firewall.

Delete Firewall Rule

Just click on the cross on right side of the rule, this will delete the rule and reload firewall.

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Dear Sir , Compare to UFW of Ubuntu, I do not like this FireWall, Few Functions. You See, I stop it . After I reboot the VPS or Machine, FireWall is turn to Status ON.
How Can I Delete this FireWall forever?

systemctl stop firewalld

systemctl disable firewalld

Many Many Thanks for your Command!
It is very very Great Help for me.

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