1 - Add/Remove Destinations for Incremental Backups

CyberPanel version v1.9.1 adds supports for incremental backups, currently following destinations are supported:

  • Local (local destination is added by default, there is nothing needs to be done).
  • SFTP (SFTP Servers need to be added)
  • S3 (AWS S3 keys need to be added)

In this document, we will see how we can add SFTP and S3 destinations for incremental backups.

Add SFTP Destination for Incremental backups

From sidebar click, Add/Remove Destinations or directly visit https://:8090/IncrementalBackups/backupDestinations.

From the dropdown select SFTP, and enter the following details:

  • IP Address
  • Password (password for the root user of the remote server)
  • Port - SSH port of the remote server (Default is 22)

Add AWS S3 Destination for Incremental backups

Go to AWS IAM Console and create new user, it is recommended that you only give this user access to AWS API (S3 related operations). Make sure this user has correct permissions otherwise CyberPanel will fail to upload backups.

From sidebar click Add/Remove Destinations or directly visit https://<IP Address>:8090/IncrementalBackups/backupDestinations.

From the dropdown select AWS, and enter the following details: