Yum update brakes cyberpanel


When i try to issue yum update as root it says 500+ packages needs update, however the process fails and some packages are broken.

Is there a reason why cyberpanel doesnt update system?


It should be something else, yum update should work, not related to CyberPanel.

Almost 1 year using this panel,im sure yum wont break cyberpanel…

Try to undo or redo yum

yum history

yum history undo [transaction ID]

yum history redo [transaction ID]

I just did “yum update” on my other dropplet that have CP installed and it went through with around 300+ updated packages, wierd.

What are you thoughts on these updated, will cyberpanel have built in option to allow automatic package updates or users have to do these manually? If so do you mention anything in docs about this?

Guys, on my other droppled i did yum update, after reboot server is not booting back up, also digital ocean recovery console is not working, how can i boot it back to recovery it?

here is the log from yum update


EDIT: I rebooted it again and it took 20 mins to fully reboot, now its working.