WordPress: "PHP Zip Extension Not Loaded"


I’m trying to install a WordPress theme I downloaded from Envato Elements.
When I try to upload the theme’s zip folder into WordPress, it cannot unzip with folder and the error reads “PHP Zip Extension Not Loaded”

How do I add a zip extension into CyberPanel? It looks like I’m running PHP 8.1

Thanks for any help. This is driving me nuts. I’ve watched tons of YouTube videos and still can’t seem to figure this out.

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Install with cyberpanel by visiting https://example.com:8090/managephp/installExtensions


Check this out



Thank you very much. Sorry if it’s been asked a thousand times before, I really don’t know what I’m doing. I feel like I’m feeling my way through the fog. Thanks for the help!

Is this the extension that I need to install? I have no idea which one I need… :laughing:

lsphp81-pear.noarch 1:1.10.13-1.el7

Thanks again.

which os you have?

My Hostinger VPS dashboard says “Current OS
CentOS 7 64bit with CyberPanel”

For centos7

$ sudo  yum install lsphp81-pear
$ sudo /usr/local/lsws/lsphp81/bin/pecl install zip


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Thank you very much!!!

Sorry, last question. I’m looking for where to install the folder. I went to “Install PHP Extensions” in Cyber Panel but don’t see a place to manually upload the files. I’m obviously completely new to this. Thanks again.

WordPress theme folder is found /home/mywordpress.site/public_html/wp-content/themes/ Upload the compressed folder here and unzip it.

envato-elements-theme # this is your theme

Consult the theme author for more assistance

Oh okay, thank you. I would never have figured this out without all the help. :laughing:

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